Here's some sample Lua code used in my games

In an attempt to generate ad revenue, my iOS game Sketchcabulary also has a function that randomly picks a random ad from 4 different mobile advertising networks: Vungle, ChartBoost, Playhaven, and AppNext.

In my Lua code, mRand = math.Random.

Screen 1 - 'Remove Ads' popup

This is the code that gets fired when a user taps the "Remove Ads" button on Sketchcabulary Free's main menu. An iOS UIAlertView pops up asking if you want to upgrade my app to the Full Version. If you've ever wondered how to customize the text and buttons that pop up in these Alert Views, now you know. You are not stuck settling for the words 'Yes' and 'No.'

Screen 2 - Vungle Ad

Vungle is by far the most visually and viscerally stunning because it uses immersive 15-second videos to try to entice users to click on their ads.

Screen 3 - ChartBoost Ad

The third image is an example of a ChartBoost Ad.

Screen 4 - Playhaven Ad

The fourth image is an example of a Playhaven Ad.