I designed the album artwork for Soul group The Whispers' 2006 comeback release entitled "For Your Ears Only." The album went on to become their best selling album of all time, despite a nine year hiatus. The album became the best-selling album of all time on CDBABY.com
2011-11-12 13:10
While at Classic World, I created this onesheet as part of a marketing program for an up and coming R&B singer who also incidentally hails from Duke Ellington's bloodline
2011-11-10 17:10
I worked directly with Marshall Thompson, leader of The Chi-Lites, to design this artwork for a 2005 re-release of their album "Low Key."
2011-11-09 22:50
More album artwork from Classic World
2011-11-07 12:30
I created the background for this using the Render Clouds filter in Photoshop, and then going from there
2011-11-06 16:30
All of this album artwork was created in Photoshop. This represents the time in my design career when my photo retouch skills really began to take shape
2011-11-05 05:47
I gave this piece a more ethereal feel in Photoshop
2011-11-03 11:40
CD Album artwork
2011-10-30 14:00
DVD cover artwork created using Photoshop and QuarkXPress
2011-10-27 18:00
More CD Album artwork I created at Classic World
2011-10-27 17:00
Greatest Hits Volume 1. Photoshop artwork by yours truly
2011-10-25 00:00
Another album cover of a remastered recording while at Classic World.
2010-12-29 06:00
A new look to an old back catalog classic
2010-11-25 19:15
Created this artwork for a remastering of a recording by jazz legends Charlie "Bird" Parker & Miles Davis
2011-11-09 21:10